Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fishing Season for the Lend-A-Hand

It's that time of year once again! Spring is here and so is the fishing opener. I wanted to share some photos that show our customers are using Lend-A-Hand for fishing.

The first 2 images show Lend-A-Hand being used for fishing by rapping the Velcro straps around the calf of the leg (just below the knee cap). This gentlemen had a stroke and now can jig and set the hook with Lend-A-Hand on his leg. He just loves being able to fish again.

The last 2 pictures are showing how a paraplegic uses the longest strap (15”) first snaps it into the front hook, then wraps it around the reel of the fishing pole, then through the hook on the other side of Lend-A-Hand, then sticks the Velcro together. What a great way to get out and catch the big one. 
If you have any questions or have information on how you use Lend-A-Hand please let us know so we can share and help others.

Lend-A-Hand® is a patent pending assistant device. Once put on, it increases mobility while decreasing the strain off the individuals shoulders, arms, back and legs. Lend-A-Hand helps allow the individual to play golf, wash cars, paint, rake, sweep and wash floors, go fishing and other activities and duties.

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